Playing Time

Playing time is the 1 of many issues that come up with parents during each season and every sport. “There’s never one logical explanation for how coaches hand out playing time.” It is very hard to distribute time for each and every athlete.

“Children at the introductory level of sports programs get equal opportunity and approximate equal playing time. By the time they reach the middle school age, the equal-playing time debate should end. Those students with superior skills are rewarded with  more playing time.¨ Most coaches see playing time as a reward of effort, good attitude, and being a team player. I feel if most athlete would contribute to the team and have a good attitude the coach would try to put you in.

You may even have a coach that puts a player with a bad attitude out to play, but they do it because they’re good, and they could help put the team. Coaches are there to win just like everybody else it there to do. If they put you out there to play there gonna expect you to make mistakes, but not the same mistakes over and over again. They expect you to have a good attitude and stay positive.

If they truly didn’t think they would play you they wold sit you down and actually talk to you about it. ¨If kids are on a team, and they never get to play meaningful minutes or get pulled out after any mistake, they are going to quit! Kids want to play.¨ Majority of the time athletes quit sports has to do with not getting to play. Most athletes feel if they don’t get to play they’re just not good enough. “A study by the Josephean Institute found that 90% of children would rather PLAY on a losing team then SIT THE BENCH on a winning team.”

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